9 Marketing Strategies of Alcohol Advertising and Promotion

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Marketing strategy is a vital tool using for driving sales. Every company or organization creates marketing strategy and marketing plan to achieve its sales’ goals. From time to time, I have observed that new marketing strategy has been changed due to the rapidly changing of technology and the customers’ demands and buying behaviors.

Alcohol companies have been spending million dollars per year to increase sales to both existing customers and new customers through marketing plans. Each company has designed similar marketing plans and marketing strategies for its unique marketing campaigns.

In Cambodia, while the commercial laws is not strongly restricted alcohol advertising in all most all type of communication channels such as TV, radio, billboard, In-shop banner, local concert, sport, etc., your marketing campaign will be able to run without interfere from government.

Table of Contents

1. Incorporate Concert Event in Marketing Campaign
2. TV Commercial Spots
3. Become Boxing Program Main Sponsor
4. Build In-Shop Posters for Free
5. Billboard Advertising
6. Create and Sponsor Football Team
7. Website Banner
8. Facebook Ads
9. Company Website

However, the advertising tools and channels might be prohibited in your country that you need to be aware of before deciding which marketing plan or marketing strategy that you can accomplish.

Here’re 9 marketing strategies that alcohol companies have been incorporating in their marketing plans in Cambodia which you can learn from.

1. Incorporate Concert Event in Marketing Campaign

Concert is the most popular event in Cambodia as local people can visit and interact with the concert’s most popular celebrities in their community. Beer or alcohol companies have been conducting this type of event every year because it gets more people to drink and buy both new and existing brand beers in their community.

Famous local singers, comedians, and international singers are hired to sing on the concert event. The concert typically start from 7PM to 12PM at night because most people are free from work at that time.

Every concert is lived on the TV channel on that night.

On the stage, there are especially equipped and decorated with colorful lights, beer posters, banners, and music instrument to entertain guests.

In front of the stage, hundreds to thousands of tables and chair are placed in order to accommodate guests. Along with delicious food, people who participate in the concert event can drink beer and enjoy their favorite food available there.

2. TV Commercial Spots – TVC

TV is the most traditional medium that is most likely popular for young people. That’s why all of TV commercial spots are included young people’s activities in it.

In the TV commercial spots, you will see young people drinking and holding beer canes and beer bottles in the party, on the beach, or in other occasions.

Young people can be celebrities such as famous singers, football stars, boxers, famous comedians, and TV presenters.

In the TV commercial spots are so creative and attractive because they are carefully produced by both local and international advertising agencies to ensure that beer drinkers are understood the messages through the TV spots.

The TV commercial spots try to persuade and convince young people to drink alcohol for big prizes luxurious cars, modern motors, iPhones, cash, and golden neglect. This means that the TV Commercial spots attempted to persuade young people to drink to win the prizes.

3. Become Boxing Main Sponsor

Boxing is a kind of sport which most watched amongst older people. Therefore, alcohol companies sponsor this TV program targeted specifically for old people.

The boxing program is aired on Friday from 3PM to 8PM. On the weekend, boxing program lives from 5PM to 9PM.

Most alcohol companies become the main sponsor for the boxing program, this way they gain more benefits such as presenters present alcohol companies’ brand name and products several times during the live program, the whole arena is designed by using main sponsor brand name and logos, the boxer shorts are designed with logo.

4. Build In-Shop Posters for Free

In Cambodia, if you run restaurant, night club, entertainment and KARAOKE, KTV, etc., alcohol companies will freely build beautifully designed posters in front of those entertainment spaces if you sell their products. This way alcohol companies can promote their alcohol products directly and locally to the community people.

5. Billboard Advertising

Billboard is an adverting tool which gives long exposure to customers. Alcohol companies use the billboards to target its customers specifically in particular locations in towns. Mostly, you can se the billboards on the intersection of the street and heavy traffic streets.

6. Create and Sponsor Football Team

Alcohol companies create a football team. The football team matches with others several times annually. This is well organized by the team to maximize exposure to the public. For those who love football sport, they will watch the football match and see the alcohol ads.

Sometimes, alcohol companies also sponsor football matches as well in order to engage with the national sports event. This builds the strong reputation for its brand name.

7. Website Banner

While customers are spending most of their valuable time online in order to read news, search for stuffs. Alcohol companies take the opportunity to advert on famous local websites to prospects. Website ad placement is charged on monthly basis. The price of adverts on the websites is varied according to how the popular of the websites and the advertising spaces and areas.

8. Facebook Ads

Every alcohol company in Cambodia owns at least a Facebook page. They’ve actively boosted their pages according to the promotional campaign.

9. Company Website

Company website seems not work for most alcohol companies. They put times and efforts on promoting their Facebook page rather than update content on their website. You may find their content marketing on Facebook page, not be found on the website. This is because they know that their customers are now on social media not access their website. The website is built just for branding and PR update.

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