7 Key Marketing Strategies That You Must Learn from Real Estate Companies

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Key Marketing Strategies That You Must Learn from Real Estate Companies

Many marketers wonder how Real Estate companies create marketing strategies for business! In the modern world creating a marketing strategy is much more complicated than ever before as it has to incorporate with both offline and online strategy.

Real Estate companies spend million dollars per year to implement its marketing strategy through various channels. Here’re 7 key marketing strategies that real estate companies use to market their services.

  1. Marketing Persons

Real Estate companies hire both full-time and part-time staff to work for their companies. The marketing person are the most vital staff which effect companies’ revenue. Marketing persons do many different activities so ensure that the real estate companies’ brand and services reach to the target audience. They produce marketing plans, marketing strategy, estimated budget, and implement those profitable plans with a specific time frame.

Some companies set the target revenue for the marketing persons to accomplish their assignments. For example, in 2017, each of the marketing person has to have 30 customers to buy a plot of land, rent building, or even buy some houses. If they could not reach the target, they have to look for new job.

  1. The Gifts

Some real estate companies offer a house, car, iPhone, and other value things to those outstanding marketing persons or staff who make profit for the companies. This way staff feel motivated and will put their effort to bring more clients to the companies. It’s a win-win strategies which both staff and companies gain benefits.

  1. Affiliate Programs

Some marketing persons are not hired by real-estate companies, they just do the affiliate with real estate companies to earn commission for each sale. Real Estate companies seem to have advantage over the affiliated persons because if the affiliated persons don’t bring clients to buy land, house, or other services then the companies will not pay anything to the affiliated persons. Yet the companies’ brand and services are promoted to the customers automatically.

  1. The Event Marketing

You might happen to see many business or marketing events such as trade fair, real estate exhibitions are taken place in your regions. There’s no doubt. The events are conducted at aiming to introduce and inform customers their products or services to both existing and new customers. These types of event can reach up to hundred and thousand of people who are interested in real estate market and real estate  business. You can organize event marketing by partnering with your compressive partners or those who are working in relevant field as your.

  1. Social Media

Real estate companies realize that their target customers are online now, they then create Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn page, Google+ page and other social media pages to promote their services. They spend a lot money to boost their social media pages based on their marketing strategy campaigns.  Social Media staff are recruited to accomplish social media stuff to ensure that their companies are presented.

  1. Television Commercial (TVC)

Real estate companies love television commercial (TVS). I most often have seen real estate TVC on the TV, especially at prime times. Every household has at least a TV. The watch various breaking news, entertaining news and drama series. Real Estate companies take this opportunity to woo its target customers through creative and brand new promotional TVCs to buzz sales.

  1. Billboard

Billboard is just like a mouse trap. Billboard is a large outdoor board for displaying advertisements. Normally it is built at the heavy traffic streets. Real estate companies love billboard because it offers long exposure with colorful and curious messages about real estate services which make customer easily to understand.

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