4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Marketing Skills

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Marketing Skills

Working in marketing and communications position for over ten years, I found myself that I even more passionate about the sharpen my skills in marketing even more stronger.

I think that everyone really needs marketing skills both personal and professional life. Because one needs to widely communicate and negotiate with different skills set of people throughout her life even her degree in accounting or IT.

Marketing skills is the central subject for everyone that needs to acquire so that she can work widely with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.By My Sovann

Marketing Skills

Here’re 4 reasons why everyone needs marketing skills.

  1. Become a better listener

Some people born with natural talent. They have two ears which perform well in listening to other people’s speaking. Even though, if they have marketing skills they even will become a better listener because they have been communicating with people who complains, give feedback, and concerns on issues of products or services so those make them improve in listening skills.

  1. Become a better decision maker

Marketing skills helps everyone to make the right decision. Because with marketing skills she would have accurate data about problems, concerns, issues and solutions about the matters. Those experience and knowledge will drive her to become a better decision maker once she acquired.

  1. Become a better observer

With many years of experience in marketing field, one will surely become a better observer because she works directly with customers who have different attitude, characteristics, behaviors, living condition, experience, education background, demographic, culture, and norms.

  1. Become a great profitable machine

Marketing person is the vital staff for every business. Everyone works in IT department, she requires marketing skills so that she can communicate with customers well. Marketing person is the money machine. Without marketing person, company could not even survive. Even she works for other or not, it doesn’t matter for her as she knows how to make money with her marketing skills.

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Marketing skills is the mother skills for all career journey. You must acquire marketing skills both in school and work. Otherwise, you will leave behind such a great source of skills which requires for getting job done.

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